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I had allowed a lot of time in my trip for New York, knowing it could take weeks to do all the things I wanted to, and all the things that I didn’t know I wanted to (Korean karaoke on Cinco de Mayo?).

This meant I got to see many views and sides of Manhattan and Brooklyn, of which I split most of my time, including from above.

There was the night with the view from the Wythe Hotel – which started with the discovery of a factory on the Williamsburg waterfront – where my new found hostel-friends and I went to The Ides Bar and drank like we were old friends.

And one of my favourites was a surprise discovery at South Street Seaport – not far from the Brooklyn Bridge, full of seaside whimsy and, lucky for us, beaming with sunshine the day we adventured. My dear friend Sarah (much more on her to come), had introduced me to lots of her pals from across the country to meet up with, and on this day I met one of the loveliest cheesy-grinned dudes, and his two friends from college. We met down near Bowling Green (which had the sweetest subway station entrance) after some America’s Cup activity, and devoured some well-touted mac and cheese at a nearby (I want to say Irish) pub.

I could have stayed in that waterside sunshine for much longer than we did, but we meandered on until I decided it was time to walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to the hostel.

They journeyed half way with me across the bridge, but their trip home meant travelling in the opposite direction and I was already getting sucked into the glistening view in every direction from me. I was lucky that it turned out to be almost sunset too.

I stopped many times, collecting images of similar versions of the sunset, the silhouettes it created, lovelocks and graffiti notes and messages. Somewhere along the way I left my own mark.

The Brooklyn Bridge
Hotel- The Ides Bar
Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn
New York from The Ides Bar
South Street Seaport
South Street Seaport





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