Late night thought

This is pretty spot on. 

My mind tends to want to go to the “more poetic, healthy and inspiring perspective” of most topics, and I do love a mere Late Night Thought. – by The Artidote for #artidoteandchill.

Jovanny from The Artidote says:

“#ArtidoteAndChill is the cheeky title I’ve given to a new segment on the page; the sexual side of The Artidote. 

It is an ode to our sexuality but, more importantly, an attempt to arrive at the topic of sex from a more poetic, healthy & inspiring perspective. 

It is the result of a mere Late Night Thought:

How did sex—something so natural, essential to our survival and often the perfect complement to romantic love—become a taboo topic in most societies and be often conceived with negative associations? Is the problem the language we are using to describe it? Is it the images we are using to display it?

With this segment, I’m hoping to open up the conversations around sex with much more sensibility & creativity. 

The Artidote is a space to open up about the things we think about the most but speak about the least…”


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