I will never undo 

Hello, my love. My, how your eyes burn bright. That electricity, those delectable smile lines.

Oh, you’re more scrumptious than you know.

And it is your energy I see, I feel. That deep knowing that I asked for, is in you, so effortlessly.

The light flows out of you, envelopes me.

And since I met you, it is there, spread to me, spread in me.

Binding, boundless.

With, without.

I have caught it in my being, it has washed through me. How grateful I am that you see it.

Now, in me, there is a forest growing, entangled, hungry as ever, fuelled by this burning. It is insatiable, addictive, divine. I will not ever be without.

Oh god, the pain some days is big. My trees’ roots, deep, their leaves furiously move upward. Sometimes branches gnaw and cut to make their way, and I want it out of me. I wonder about the opening of my chest, or whether it will burst.

I am reminded that I need only be. That in the quiet, my love, these branches, this love, bloom freely.

Image by Laura Mackabresku.

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