Dear self(ish)

If you see me losing sight, if you hear me forget the words, stop me.

Why do we tell ourselves we should alter our being for someone else?

I’m trying not to alter me for anyone. I struggle daily with thoughts that float in and stick, the brain gunk of my mind… about how to be for others.. how to please, influence, maybe even control.

They are stuck to fears, holding them in place. Like fucking duct tape.

And I’m so done with that shit. If it’s forced, it’s done.

This is a selfish journey of growth, of just being. I’ll get to a place where I’m okay with that. Nobody else is a part of this, nor are the thoughts stuck here. They don’t belong, they don’t exist in this new place.

Fear is a place I no longer have time or energy for.

I am. I am the love. I am the love of my life.


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