Words // two

“The great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, noting the ubiquity of archetypal patterns and symbols, deduced a “collective unconscious”, a bottomless subconscious pool of all the shared experience of the race. 

We may think of it as a vast, hidden database of human awareness characterised by powerful universal organising patterns. Such a database, comprising all the information ever available to human consciousness, implies stunning inherent capabilities; it is far more than just a giant storehouse of information awaiting a retrieval process. Tapping into all that has ever been experienced anywhere in time, the great promise of the database is its capacity to “know” virtually anything the moment it is “asked”. 

“It’s a bigger universe than that…scan the evening sky and find pleasure in identifying a favourite constellation. But there are no constellations. That familiar pattern of “stars” is made up of points of light originating in totally unrelated sources, some millions of light-years closer or farther away, some in different galaxies, some actually separate galaxies themselves; many have, millennia since, burnt out and cease to “exist”.

Those lights have no temporal relationship. It is not only the shape of a dipper or bear or man, but the very pattern, the “constellation” itself, that is projected on the sky by the eye of the beholder.”

– David R. Hawkins.


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