I’ve been whirled up in some serious self-exploration lately, so my traveller mind took a side seat for once. But it seems to be that time of year where everyone is on the move again, seeking out little Australian-summer escapes.

My thoughts have meandered back to my May/June adventures in the States many times the past few months. There were few moments that could not be classed as delicious. Yet, there’s been even more journey since I’ve returned. But I did have more stories to tell…

Asheville was like a country-fied Byron Bay, with wholesome stores on every corner, art murals and classy signage, and breweries! Our first stop was for lunch and beer at Asheville Brewing. You really could meander in any direction from where we parked up and find yourself at another brewery though – the city has more breweries per capita than any US city. This stop was perfect for my road trip pal and I, with beers named Shiva and Sister Bad Habit (and free pretzels!). Check Sarah’s recount of all things brewery in Asheville here.

We stayed at Wilson’s Riverfront RV park. Needless to say, something about having a crisp beer, and pulling up to sleep by a river in our little tent after the hustle of New York was pretty dandy.


After unpacking and a ponder, we took a stroll by the river, and under some bridges, before it was almost dark. We then proceeded to find some dinner in Asheville town, by way of a hilariously crumb Uber ride (sipping suspiciously from unmarked can, and offering freely up the dramatic story of her life and the lives of her children). We got dropped at the complete wrong destination, but as the tourists we were, didn’t know until we’d hopped out of that hell ride.

We were salvaged in the arms of Top of the Monk, once we found our bearings. This magical upstairs bar sits atop Thirsty Monk Pub and Brewery and put smiles on our faces rapidly. It’s warm and dimly lit in this space, burgundy armchairs and red woods abound. The attentive service here was already impressive, and then we came to find that each time we ordered an expertly crafted cocktail (these guys squeeze their own juice, create their own bitters, tinctures and syrups!) we were each given a key to an old mail sorting drawer. Inside each drawer, a small snack to accompany your beverage – salsa and crackers, Jarlsberg, olives.

Smoked Sorghum Old Fashioned, hail to thee.

Everywhere was a great shot for me in Asheville. We visited the River Arts District, which is a must do. Wander through like we did for arts, crafts, breweries and cold brew, late lunch, and photographs.

As I took my shot of CHANGE on a nearby wall, so did another guy beside me. We exchanged stories and I wondered how many people stopped to snap this wall – what did it mean to them in that moment?

The meaning I gave it then, is different to what meaning I give it now.




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