Here is the story of how she was broken.

In the beginning, it was only in the nighttime, when all was still. As the wind picked up, her dreams did too, stirring in her innermost mind. Each night, she saw the universe fly by, as though through a window, a keyhole. There was something out there that she knew of, deep down, but she couldn’t grasp it.

Gradually, her nightmind started carrying over into the day. A dreamer she was, seemingly having lost her way from time to time. But little did they know she was all but swept up in a journey of the senses.

One at a time. How beautiful it was to  know only his expression. How beautiful it was to hear only her laugh. The colours and music formed a canvas in her mind.

And so, she had glimpses of just being.  Reality, spilled through tiny gaps –  laid bare a sheer, immediate awareness.

As dainty as a teacup’s lip, brief as a stolen kiss. Boundless as the sun’s first light beam across the horizon.

It started there.

Artwork – Shiro Tokuro.

What happened in that moment? Past thoughts had died away, the future had not yet arisen; the stream of my thoughts was cut right through. In that pure shock a gap opened, and in that gap was laid bare a sheer, immediate awareness of the present, one that was free of any clinging. It was simple, naked, and fundamental. And yet that naked simplicity was also radiant with the warmth of an immense compassion. – Sogyal Rinpoche.    


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