At first she was drifting, aimless. But quickly it became a pull, a howling wind of deliverance bringing with it storm clouds and thunder. A whipping rain settled deep into her bones.

A certain tunnel vision took over. A wildness, a mountain, an open ocean stood before her in a way they never had before. Rough, unnerving,  expansive.

But with a come hither tongue, all she wanted was to dive into the vastness. That deep knowing the sea  held out to her drew her in, all electricity and boundless alluring.

Down, down, down she went, and up, up she rose.

Sit then, as if you were a mountain, with all the unshakable, steadfast majesty of a mountain… completely at ease itself, however strong the winds that batter it, however thick the dark clouds that swirl around its dark peak. Let your mind rise and fly and soar. 

Your gaze should be like the vast expanse of a great ocean: all-evading, open and limitless. – Sogyal Rinpoche. 


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