The deeper our sensitivity and the more acute our alertness to the amazing opportunities for radical insight offered by gaps and transitions like these in life, the more inwardly prepared we will be for when they occur in an immensely more powerful and uncontrolled way… – Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.


Everything is constantly in a chaotic flow. If you stop holding on, the universe will take you exactly down the right current. Trust the flow, and accept your path.

Trust your intuition, that moment, in the blink of an eye.

In this acceptance, you must also begin to understand that we have everything here that we need already, abundantly. We just can’t see / hear / feel / access it yet.

When you come to realise the multiplicity  of possibilities before you, in each moment, you’ll see there really isn’t any reason at all to worry or fear what’s coming. There’s no need to ask “why?” or “what if?” or “when?”

Eventually, all that is left then, is to be in the present. People are starting to realise this en masse now, finding that everything is at our fingertips.

We have the capacity to live freely, at every blink. We are able to feel completely as we are, as it unfolds.

Someone, in an unassuming cafe on the roadside in Canguu, Bali, recently explained an experience to me that I had had myself, but perhaps not put into words so eloquently.

In an ocean of conversation, he was ecstatic about knowing that this life is transient, that our relationships and connections are transient, and always changing.

With fervour, and full lungs, he said this awareness means we should do nothing but always feel completely in the moment, that we should love fiercely when we feel an overwhelming, unexplainable fire inside at the electricity found with someone. That love is powerful. Feel it, fuel it, be it, with all your light.

We are on fire. Burn until you flicker out or grow higher. 

Because there is nothing else. As the moon journeys through the stars, in the morning, it is gone.


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