Clean up

Something that was sadly apparent in Bali, particularly taking our first steps on the beach in Seminyak, was the amount of rubbish and pollution.

In a few hundred metres walking a stretch of sand we four had more plastic bottles than we could carry.

Some of this rubbish is carried in on waves during the stormier, monsoonal months (October – March / April is the “build up”). But much of the litter you’ll see around streets and on crispy white beaches is due to a lack of education around the implications littering has on the environment. Likewise, around ways to dispose of waste effectively.

If you’re visiting, please do your part and pick up rubbish as you go. If you can’t find a bin, find a restaurant or cafe and ask if they have one – the locals are super grateful to have help cleaning up their home and ocean.

There are also a number of regular clean ups that are organised in Bali. Check out Bali Beach Cleanup Community  (BBCC) or Bali Beach Clean Up (BBCU) among others, to see how you can get involved. Nice way to meet new people too.

Nevertheless, there are some gorgeous and often little-known beach gems to discover in Bali. I’ll post about some of the discoveries we made.


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