Our kind

A feeling of unravelling, an unfoldment,

Reaching for, and landing in new heights

A place, we are told, is bold territory, rarely tread.

Emblazoned with new self-awareness, and true soul food.

Those who journey here often arrive awry, wildish and yearning. It is not a trip taken lightly or directly.

Blessed are the seekers, the lovers, the dreamers,

We stand open and mountain-esque among others who see from the third eye.

Our kind can seem few and far between, sparse as the birdseye clouds,

But our shadows are cast long, connected by roads less-travelled, veins of the earth.


A book by its cover

I have come to know a great multiplicity of colours, of overlays, and grey areas

There, may be where my heart beats strongest – in the uncertainty, but mostly in surprise

When unknown needs are met, expectations overcome, I am left unarmed

There, I find complexity, humanity, openness,

A rare and beautiful comfort in our own skins


For her it is never just the feeling 

But the openness she allows herself 

To express their beauty 

Unconditional adoration making way 

For vulnerability  
Laid down upon them in warmth 

Firm hands, trailing fingertips 

Legs, bends, curves 

To be held
Perhaps she is all too wrapped up  

In the drama,

queen of emotion  
But it is her way 

This is her bliss 


Blackened fingernails,  boney scum 
She’ll gnaw at your heels, drag at your tail 

Just when you’ve found the reason to leap

Lady Cowardess, she drips of sickly sweet perfume

It permeates your mind

As you take the hand of he, hold out your heart 

Old crow, she will swoop, 

butter it for the taking

Untangle her  claws, unsheath her gums

Let go her gaze, let go

Lady Cowardess, brittle, 

dissolved at your ease 

Take back your pulse, she’ll be done 

Leave her to the beasts that be 

I am more resilient than a one-time punch

What weapons have you born before ?

You think I cannot stomach them?

A crush of bones, a snapping of ligaments

Unexpected shots landing intimately 

And the worst of all – a silencer 

To my lips, my eyes, across my chest

Well, I am stronger than a one-time punch

Won’t you join me ?